Personal information Privacy policy

MICHANG (hereinafter ‘Company’) attaches great importance to privacy of our customers as we comply with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.

We thus established and followed the privacy policy to protect personal information and their rights and to address the grievances of users regarding the issues related to their personal information. This policy defines the purpose and the way of using your personal information and what measures can be taken for the sake of the protection of your personal information.
This policy entered into effect on April 1st, 2017,

Consent to sharing personal information to third parties

The third parties mean logistics companies who deliver our products to you. We do not share any personal information with other parties than these companies.
We share the minimum information necessary for product delivery with logistics companies.
You may disagree to sharing your personal information with them, but in that case the purchase cannot be processed further.
The user of personal information: logistics company
Purpose: delivery of the purchased product
Information we share: customer name, cell phone number, address
The duration of storing and using personal information: six months

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

ⓛ to identify, verify the names of our users and confirm the sign-in, and provide age-sensitive services.
② to provide notice, secure the communication channel to redress grievances, and to confirm the correct address for delivery
③ to provide the latest information and new services and customized services
④ to process the payment for paid service
⑤ to prevent misuse or unauthorized use that are not permitted
⑥ to provide other quality services to our customers smoothly

Information we share

ⓛ Name, ID, Password, email address, telephone, IP address, and other optional information

The duration of the storing and using personal information

ⓛ In principle, we delete the personal information as soon as we accomplish the purpose.
② We can hold the ID information of the malicious users for three months after the termination of the user contract to prevent the recurrence of illegitimate use.
③ The personal information may be stored for a certain period of time if it is necessary to be protected by other laws such as the Act on the Consumer Protection and Electronic Commerce, ETC.
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