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We, Michang Oil Ind. Co., Ltd., have played a leading role in developing the technology and advancement of the industry in the petrochemical process sector which is the essential part of the entire industry for the past 50 years. It is the strong support from our customers and cooperation of our partners that that helped us to grow continuously.
Finally, we established the robust foundation in terms of technology and product quality on par with those of developed countries. We made the technical partnership with JX-NOE, the biggest petrochemical company in Japan, in order to improve our competitiveness in the rapidly changing global market. Our dedicated efforts are now making a success story not just in Korea but in the world.

We will do our best and continue the efforts to play a pivotal role in the industrial development of this country.
Based on the corporate ethics of returning profits to society, we envision a company that cares about the environment and takes a leadership role in an advanced society in the 21st century.

Michang Oil Ind. Co. CEO

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